Ear to Water, Heart to Current*


*Not Always by Denise Miller



Being held by the history and blood of women from everywhere possible as well as the future. To gift the mentorship that has helped me grow and that I was able to pass on to others while I lived. To help other women form and grow forward in a way of their choosing. To leave this earth with pride in how I have joined with others to create something bigger than just myself and my work.


“To me, being part of the AROHO circle means” by Rosalind Bard




Meaning is produced in the spaces between, and that is what we are moving across canons, disciplines and texts to hear, see and understand anew.

“Differencing the Canon” by Griselda Pollock




A Room of Her Own’s long vision is to amass a multimedia mother archive of the collective memory and storied history of women artists and writers. Weaving the diverse voices of our radiant Waves Anthology together with newly-submitted creative work, responses to The Q, Global Camps, and more, each WAVES edition is a glittering droplet in this expansive project for the ages.



“Embodiment (detail),” image by Lisa Naas, section image for Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices


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My Body Is Not Your Politics

[each title is a link to the individual work]


Why My Body by Antonia Clark

A Number of Blue Women by Anita M. Barnard

Before We Met by Zehra Imam

My Body Is Not Your Politics by Hannah Bonner

How To Love Your Body by Kelly Cressio-Moeller

The Photographer’s Model by Jeannette Miller

Molding by Sokunthary Svay

Daughter, They’ll Use Even Your Own Gaze to Wound You by Beth Ann Fennelly

There Is More Light Every Day (A Song for Uneven Fingernails) by Anna Hundert

Tijuana by Holly Norton

My Brother by Katharyn Howd Machan

What We Talk About When We Talk About Father Rucker by Cheryl Buchanan

Won’t You Be My Valentine by Elizabeth Hoover

What Sets Her Apart, Asks Jayne, After Reading Another Guinevere Poem For Me In Massachusetts by Tania Pryputniewicz

What Sets Her Apart, Part II by Tania Pryputniewicz

What We Call Love Is Seldom What We Fall Into by Sandy Gillespie

Body Parts by Margaret Stetler

The Untenable by Cynthia Reeser

Comfort Woman by Tanya Ko-Hong

What Is the Medicine for Rape by Trina Porte

Survivor’s Guide to Sex by Elizabeth Hoover

*Not Always by Denise Miller

The Distance Between by Maureen McQuerry

How Big the Sky by Anna Hundert

Bet You Thought You Saw the Last of Me by Rachel Durs

Sooner or Later the Body Betrays Us by Beverly Lafontaine

Inside Frida Kahlo’s Body by Mercedes Lawry

Lupus Outwits Me, Declares Martial Law by Susan Eisenberg

Leap by Susan Austin

Stef’s Request by Abigail Licad

When You’ve Been Sick for a Time by Susan Austin

Small Talk at Evanston General by Beth Ann Fennelly

After the Cut by Mai-Lon Gittelsohn

The Tattoo I Did Not Get by Felicia Mitchell

When They Ask About My Face by Nancy Carol Moody

Coming Back by Beverly Lafontaine

At the Yoga Shanti Class for Cancer Survivors by Cheryl Buchanan

Crone Hands by Molly Howes

Hungers by Catherine Moore

The Pink Hairbrush by S.J. Eaves

My Skin Is Not Enough to Keep Me Warm by Beverly Lafontaine



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“Drummer: The Beat of a Longing Soul” by Ashley Mintz

In response to The Q Creative Form: What is A Room of Your Own?


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Can we talk please?

The sound of your voice is the only thing

The only thing I will carry


“They Said It’s Terminal” by Rosalind K. Bard


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“Her Garden” by Christine Sloan Stoddard

In response to The Q Creative Form: What is A Room of Your Own?


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I am the poet.

I am the birds I feed,

the time I squander

thinking of all the things

we shouldn’t be,

then all the things

we could be.


I am Eden.

I am Eve.

I pretend I’m Adam

but really, I am the petals

of the Japanese cherry tree.



“I Am the Petals” by Christine Redman-Waldeyer


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