Dear Creative Woman,

In Our Room the Questions are as revealing as the answers. In Our Room what we can’t stop thinking about matters. In Our Room, wisdom comes from it all.

With joy and appreciation,

The women of AROHO

Our Room is Expanding

We have evolved away from exclusive grants, awards, and retreats to sustain an inclusive circle where creative women worldwide might find a point of entry and steady sources of support and inspiration for their creative practice. We don’t do this alone. Your presence is everything.

How can I make room for more creative women?

A global, inclusive circle, we make room for each other in unique ways.

How can AROHO enrich my creative practice?

We sign our names to a shared purpose with intention and commitment to our creative work and wellbeing as expressed in Our Anthem.

We virtually gather to make art side by side and support the creative work of women by receiving their work in WAVES.

In what ways is AROHO inclusive?

We stand together in a global room of creative women. We are from Albania to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. Welcome.

Our invitation to submit and receive WAVES is free to every woman around the world who calls herself a writer or artist.

Our Work is WAVES

How can I lend my voice to the monumental narrative and vision unique to creative women that is WAVES?

We seek art and letters of all kinds that speak to and illustrate who we are as creative women and our relationship to life, art, ancestors, and each other, past, present, and future. Submit original creative work or dive into the Q for an intimate exploration of your creative self.

WAVES is a not-for-profit, non-exclusive, open-access, digital publication with a long view—to amass a Mother Archive of the collective memory and long history of women artists and writers.  Weaving together the diverse voices and visions of our radiant Waves anthology contributors and new recent work from creative sisters, WAVES publications hone the global presence of creative women to a pearl.

What does “publishing” mean to AROHO?

To AROHO, publishing means freeing our work to be received. While making room for all future possibilities – including seeing our work in print – we digitally present our artistic offerings in collaboration with creative women without explanation or further delay.

What is the difference between the Waves anthology and WAVES?

WAVES is a digital archive and monthly publication of the collective memory and long history of women writers and artists.

Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices is a voluminous anthology of art and letters by women, featuring Maxine Hong Kingston and compiled by editor Diane Gilliam in 2018. Rather than keep it locked away until publishing trends deem it timely and worthy, it has been released on the AROHO website, united with new works of art and letters within the digital publication that is WAVES. These powerful pages and images represent the last version provided and appear in a format as close to the original as our digital platform allows. We continue to carry forward all possibilities for this compilation. Your understanding of the humanity of this monumental project is appreciated. Our message to the anthology contributors can be found here.

Our Way is Global and Reciprocal

As co-creators, we believe that our deepest connections are radically reciprocal. Today, our efforts are focused on bringing women artists and writers face to face with each other through virtual Global Camps, and Gifts of Fellowship generously created by the women in Our Room.

What is Global Camp and how can I join?

Work Your Way, independently yet together in Our Zoom-enabled Room. Global Camps are windows to a dedicated creative practice in the sacred space of each other’s presence.

How can I create or receive a Gift of Fellowship?

Gifts of Fellowship are freely given by one creative woman to another through AROHO – gifts of time, space, mentorship, or opportunities to make art side by side, the possibilities are endless and shared in WAVES.



“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.” –Audre Lorde, The Black Unicorn: Poems