AROHO is A Room of Her Own. Our room, our work, our way is WAVES.

WAVES is the fluid space in which we work beyond boundaries—circular, alive, and accessible to women around the globe who are themselves writers and artists. WAVES is our generative source, our steady and ongoing call to each other, and our tribute to the enormity of what we make, witness, and inhabit as creative women. Buoyed by technology, what is experienced and refracted in this place of creation and sisterhood forms the contours of our room. We see ourselves as co-creators in this evolving, voluminous project.

A Room of Her Own’s intention is to innovate and elevate the unique narrative and vision that is WAVES, a multimedia mother installation of the collective memory and artistry of every woman who has ever lived with the boundless determination to create. WAVES encompasses a room of her own within its undulating swells, joining our radiant Anthology with newly submitted creative work, individual responses to The Q, Global Camp treasures, ancestral touchstones, and digital editions with the resonant legacy of women’s artistic intention.

Our Room

Your presence is expansive. Join us in making room for creative women by signing your name to Our Purpose. Find your name alongside thousands of creative women and receive the gift of their creative work in WAVES.


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Our Work

Our monthly digital WAVES editions weave patterns of established and new artistic voices and works that illuminate our interior lives. Our call is open and our invitation to submit and receive is free.


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Our Way

Our Way is guided by Our Anthem and the steadfast invitation to reclaim our creative wellbeing. In sisterhood and reciprocity, we create vital, virtual opportunities to inhabit our artistic practice side by side, gifting each other wisdom and support.


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