Our Legacy

Born from two decades of collective wisdom, and ambitious, radical programs intended to transform the paradigm of the creative woman, we’ve worked, learned, and felt our way here.

We are circles within one circle. There is space for you here.

When we sit with truth long enough, when we give it our steady company, and especially when other women join us in a circle around it, it begins to radiate new life, and we know we are not alone.

AROHO was born from two women keeping company with the unbeautiful truth—that they were isolated, that their needs were profound. In a circle of two, each of their questions and spoken needs became their gifts, first to each other and, as the circle expanded to many others. This culture of reciprocity is the genesis of every gift AROHO has ever given. AROHO is a generative, generous movement of women writers and artists advancing our art and agency worldwide.