Our Purpose

Dear Creative Woman,

Together, our purpose is to innovate and elevate a narrative and vision unique to us.

We call each other out of isolation and into a room of our own where the impact of our sisterhood shores each other up and moves outward in waves. We sustain this space with our presence and gifts, elevating our creative selves, our collective wisdom, our legacy, and the distinct experience of women who live with the boundless intention to create.


We invite you to:

Contribute Your Artistry

Our call is open to arts and letters that illuminate our interior lives and relationship to each other, past, present, and future. Our invitation to submit and receive is free. Submit your original creative work or dive into the Q for an intimate exploration of your creative self.


Sign Our Shared Purpose

Sign your name to our shared purpose and find your name alongside the names of thousands of others. Signers receive the gifts of the voices, art, and distinct experiences in our monthly editions of digital Waves.


Your presence is everything,

Darlene Chandler Bassett, Tracey Cravens-Gras, Saranya Francis, Karina Puente, Bernadette Smyth