They Said It’s Terminal by Rosalind K. Bard


“They Said It’s Terminal” by Rosalind K. Bard


Are there people out there writing about death
About their own death, not just abstraction?
I want to know what they are saying.
Are they silent, numb, torn to nightmares
Or do they laugh and open their mouths in big ohs?
I don’t know how to do this.
Talk. To me. Now.
Before the silence.
Can we talk please?
The sound of your voice is the only thing
The only thing I will carry
Because I will have no hands.
Talk to me, please I’ll pay you, I beg you
Just see me and talk.
The birds aren’t enough.



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Rosalind K. Bard Artist Statement: 

I am a writer, actor, creative mentor but I see creativity in everything that I do (well mostly). How to make even the mundane have a glow of life..


To me, being part of the AROHO circle means: Being held by the history and blood of women from everywhere possible as well as the future. To gift the mentorship that has helped me grow and that I was able to pass on to others while I lived. To help other women form and grow forward in a way of their choosing. To leave this earth with pride in how I have joined with others to create something bigger than just myself and my work.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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