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I am a mother of five, a bilingual, bi-hemispherical poet who feels joyous and younger the older I get, open to the creative spirit that visits me in northwestern Argentina, inspired to join this wave. Alexandra Newton Rios, Don Bosco, ARGENTINA | Greetings, I am an African American woman artist, writer, sister, mother, grandmother, poet, storyteller, and Craftsman who is nostalgic and sensitive to the world around me and beyond. Mitzi Jackson, Michigan, USA | I am a Caribbean mother-sister-artist- poet-healer who is always resisting other folks’ efforts to force my image into their narrow frames of reference. Elizabeth Best, Kentucky, USA | With a sincere intention that leads to an existential act of exploring our deepest core-self; sharing its gifts with the world by contributing to the collective consciousness in multifaceted ways. Elif Sezen, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA| Judith Pistacchio Bessette, Italiana/Americana. Able to see the world through multiple perspectives. Judith Pistacchio Bessette, Massachusetts, USA | I say I’m strong, and in some parts of me, I believe it, yet that still, small voice rejects what I know to be true, and cognitive dissonance wins, one more time. How do I escape? That’s my quest. Lynn Gahman, California, USA |I reveal the pearl of my heart to you and all that can see as I paint the sorrows, joys , wisdoms and mysteries of the ticking timed life I live. Bindu Wolf, Maryland, USA | Empty-handed, open arms, eyes closed, chest burning in certainty, heart beating, alive, strong, complete… The light that guides us, the sounds that bind us, the truth will free us…Alejandra Diaz, Florida, USA | Spiritual daughter of the Almighty God, strong and beautiful, endowed with endless potential. Helen Jack, New Mexico, USA | I am woman (hear me roar) and I stand on the shoulders of giants like Anne Murray, whose song that is I Am woman. When we hear each other, we are no longer alone. Nancy Phillips, Indiana, USA | On the brink of discovering my true self, the vision of accomplished peace evolves. Debi Hudson, Pennsylvania, USA | All domestic tasks to bed. Now my hour burns bright. Uncover that voice which sings My song. K Carlton Johnson, Michigan, USA | I am someone who is deeply grateful for the ability to make art. I share this very human gift with so many other women. We are so blessed: to write, to paint, to dance, to speak our truths. Judith Robinson, Pennsylvania, USA | I am a dreamer, poet and author whose life is anchored in the belief that our words will heal and that it is essential to reach out and connect with each other across the globe. Women do work wonders. Marva McClean, Florida, USA | Poet. Finally, a poet. Jessica Cohn, California, USA | I am an eternal river, dammed by the demands of home, children, work, and worry. The gulf is near, and I desperately long to reach the flowing water to join an ocean of sisterhood. Kristi Dreesen, Missouri, USA | I am a creative woman who tries and tries again to reach into my deepest pools of creative intention. I come to this Sisterhood seeking the support to dive deeper. Pamela Leavey, Massachusetts, USA | With eyes and arms and hearts open, we will recognize each other by the work we do to feel and live, to speak and create from that feeling, so that others may find ways back to their own hearts. Irena Praitis, California, USA | Standing in our truths making soulful work which will feel like a blessing, taking all the heat of challenges faced and met, transmuted into light. No distance between us, only freedom. Hallelujah. Jaye Alison Moscariello, Massachusetts, USA | I will swim up to you and we will touch fins. We will ride waves up to the desert shore of Namibia and spread ourselves out on the beach just watching baby camels discovering the unexpected ocean. Melinda Goodman, New York, USA | 

Author: A Room of Her Own

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