A Spinning Thread of Connection




Audre Lorde asks:

What do we want from each other

after we have told our stories

. . .

Whom do we need in order to help us grasp the truth that lies in wait (for us, for others) in our story but that alone we do not have the strength to grasp? Who can help us, or enable us, to survive our story?


What Does a Woman Want: Reading and Sexual Difference by Shoshana Felman




“a spinning thread of connection” from What Remains by Maggie Stetler, Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices




“Knock” by Dawn Banghart, section image for Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices


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A Voice Answering a Voice

[each title is a link to the individual work]


Living with Ghosts by Ellen McLaughlin

Quotations [and Responses] by Sandy Gillespie

Hymnal by Linda Ravenswood

Anna’s Hut at Komarovo by Trina Gaynon

Celebrate for Anais Nin by Nancy Shiffrin

What Woolf Dares Us to Write by Lauren Rusk

Her Poem, the Oak Tree by Tammi Truax

To the Lighthouse by Kim Hamilton

Virginia Woolf’s Hollyhocks by Deborah Doolittle

What Remains by Maggie Stetler

The Only Surviving Recording of Virginia Woolf’s Voice by Alison Townsend

To Virginia by George Ella Lyon

The Poem by Diane Furtney

Reading Virginia Woolf in the Nineties by Kristie Letter

The Power to Contemplate: An Artist Responds to Virginia Woolf by Jennifer Carson

Women, Windows by Lauren Rusk

People as Evidence by Lauren Camp

Studio Visit: Later by Susanna Lang

Droom by Margaret Chula

Pentimento by Catherine Moore

Color Coded by Lauren Camp

Practice by Alison Hicks

Contact Dance in the Mission District by Dawn Banghart

Copper by Caroline LeBlanc

Make a Body by Nancy Meyer and Janet Trenchard

Audre Lorde’s Unfinished Business: Working Through Religious Resistance to Cancer

Treatment by Pamela Yetunde

… and Stones by Gillian Barlow

Confessions of a Family Woman by Chivas Sandage

Mad Bad Sad Woman by Audrey Chin

WAVES: AROHO Retreat 2015 by Kristi Crutchfield Cox

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman by Patricia Farewell

A Meditation on the Wave by Sarah Hahn Campbell

Against by Vero González

Writing in Mothertime by Geri Lipschultz

Pollination by Barbara Ann Yoder

Last Class by Shawn Lacy

She’s Got Some Nerve by Janet Fitch

Retro Causation by Peggy Dobreer

Fragments of Anna Dickinson by Sarah Hahn Campbell

Terrible Girls by Jennifer Patterson

What It Takes by Karen McElmurray

Snatch by Christine Wade

Re-interpreting the Carved Revenge on Your Own Back by Shauna Osborn

Against My Own Current; Out in Plain Air by Lisa Lutwyche

The Task by Alison Hicks

Erotics of Making by Barbara Rockman

Counting and What’s Counted On by Robyn Hunt

Unmaking the Form by Marya Hornbacher


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“Les Demoiselles de Flatbush” by Judy Schavrien


Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, in its stylistic innovations, evidenced the genius of Picasso. Nevertheless, my own riposte to that painting has its contribution to make: unlike his women, mine have each other’s backs. The painting has a private dimension as well; it remembers a beloved who died young.


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Image by Carrie Nassif


It’s not something that we know anymore; it’s something that we’ve met.


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I learn the world, past, present, and future through my experience. I do not desire making sense of this, it already makes sense because I know. I may not always understand, but I know.


When my writing comes, it comes from this knowing. When I doubt it is because I lose trust in this knowing.


My gratitude expands my heart. My sense of wonder opens clogged passages. My joy feeds my soul, and my experience teaches me that pain, loss, loneliness, fear, teach me well.


“My Treasure” by Carol Fox Prescott, AROHO Global Summer Camp


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