My Treasure by Carol Fox Prescott


“My Treasure” by Carol Fox Prescott


I learn the world, past, present, and future through my experience. I do not desire making sense of this, it already makes sense because I know. I may not always understand, but I know.

When my writing comes, it comes from this knowing. When I doubt it is because I lose trust in this knowing.

My gratitude expands my heart. My sense of wonder opens clogged passages. My joy feeds my soul, and my experience teaches me that pain, loss, loneliness, fear, teach me well.



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Carol Fox Prescott Artist Statement:


Without breath, there is nothing, no thing. With breath, we receive all the possibilities that life might offer. With breath, we are driven to express these possibilities. We ust not keep them to ourselves, we must exhale, and with each exhalation we must contribute our gifts to the universe around us.


Master teacher, Carol Fox Prescott, is renowned for her transformative, physical approach to acting, performance, presentation, and living.


Author: A Room of Her Own

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