Hymnal, Linda Ravenswood


Hymnal by Linda Ravenswood



And there she was —

   on Broadway

   between 49th

   and 50th —

       and you know

         what that means,

even if you don’t

know the city

       you can still feel it —

         because New York

   is everything.



I hailed —

       Toni Morrison !


And she said —

       You know

I am !


And I said —

   Tell me

   you didn’t

   win the Nobel Prize

   for those stories !


       she threw

     her head

   all around

and said



  You know I did !


And we laughed

   and crossed each other

       on the sidewalk.




     I kept


         back of me

at how

       she was

going along

         like you do —

       but then —

     I just kept




I heard

       quick steps

         behind me


I turned around —

         and her face

             was in my face

and she stopped

a second

to catch

her breath


         she told me


I’ll never forget.



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Linda Ravenswood’s Artist Statement: 

Mainly a performative artist (BFA, CalArts, 2000) with shows focusing on sound art and installation / and
temporary physical endurance pieces in nature, Linda’s work presents as visual and sonic sculptures that make
verbal, gestural, and collaborative requests of viewers and participants.
Whether using skills as singer, writer, director, or performer in a landscape, (industrial elevator or open field) the
hope in presenting work is to reach the viewer in a stirring, visceral, evocative way.
With an aim towards inquiry, tantalization, and uncovering, she speaks, stands, beckons, and reminds viewers to
hold memory, history, place and lineage as holy, yet available markers. In these ways, Linda has evolved an arts
practice holding a strong and defining spatial, and theatrical course. Recent work (2014 2016) has appeared, or been
commissioned at Cornell University, The Broad Theatre, AWP Pen USA, The Google Corporation, The Los
Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, The Angel’s Gate Cultural Centre, The Artery (Los Angeles), The Bootleg Theatre
(Los Angeles), Gallery 16 (San Francisco), The Lancaster Museum, The Hollywood Fringe Festival and
Craftswoman House. She has been published in 30 literary journals, her music has appeared in 3 documentary films
(PBS), she has 4 books in print (Sybaritic Press, Mouthfeel Press, Gallery 16 Press, LACMA Press forthcoming),
and she is a 2016 Vermont Studio Centre fellow in Poetry. Twice nominated for The Pushcart Prize for Poetry,
Linda is a lecturer, dramaturg and workshop presenter, most recently teaching at Occidental College. Linda
Ravenswood is NDN, First Nation, (Pokanoket Nation) a Mayflower descendent on her mother’s side, and an
Indigenous Mestiza from Baja California Sur on her father’s side. She was raised by Holocaust survivors from

Author: A Room of Her Own

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