Mad Bad Sad Woman by Audrey Chin


“Mad Bad Sad Woman” by Audrey Chin


If not for words

I’d be            a mad bad sad woman dancing on the razors edge
                       petticoats flouncing
                       fallen over the ledge
                       hurtling through yesterday’s bed sheets and tomorrow’s linens
                       on my way to the moon.

I’d be            a basket case
                       folded and crumpled
                       blood stained and rumpled
                       crashed out on green grass bright bright red
                       fresh and dead.



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Audrey Chin Artist Statement:

Audrey Chin is a Singaporean writer who charts the heart. Three of her works Nine Cuts
(Math Paper Press, 2015), As the Heart Bones Break (2013) and Learning to Fly (1999)
have been shortlisted for the Singapore Literature Prize. Her short story Widow of Nain
won the 2016 Asian Women Writers Festival Short Story Prize.
Audrey is contributing co-editor of Singapore Women Re-presented (2004) and came out
as a praying woman with When Heart Meets Spirit (November 2015). She has also been
published by India Se, Cobalt Review, the Rand Corporation, the SCWO and World


Author: A Room of Her Own

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