Your Voices Are Searchlights


Dear Creative Sister,

When we dare to meet in the deepest pools of creative intention, how will we introduce ourselves?


A Room of Her Own’s long vision is to amass a multimedia mother archive of the collective memory and storied history of women artists and writers. Weaving the diverse voices of our radiant Waves Anthology together with newly-submitted creative work, responses to The Q, Global Camps, and more, each WAVES edition adds a glistening droplet to the expansive sea of longing that bonds us all.


Introduce Yourself



“your voices are searchlights” from Rapunzel Brings Her Women’s Studies Class to the Tower by Susan J. Erickson, Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices



“Acts of Bravery (Day 1 & 3),” by Lois Bradley, section image for Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices


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Sisterhood of the Barbed Wire Museum

[each title is a link to the individual work]


We Should Have by Carrie Nassif

Before the Show by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Delores (Part One) by Esther Cohen

Delores (Part Two) by Esther Cohen

Third Platoon Learns Cover & Concealment by Karen Skolfield

Sista-Girl by Louise McKinney

She Whispers Korean in My Ear by Tanya Ko Hong

Bracelets by G. Evelyn Lampart

Unity Orders by Kate Simonian

Coming in Second by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

Black Swans: A Poem for Voices by Katharyn Howd Machan

Some Secrets by Debbie Urbanski

Small Bodies by Alexandra Reisner

You Accompany Parents Through Winter by Alice Cone

Tortoise by Naomi Westerman

Anne Frankenstein by Deborah Thompson

Wild Faith by Karla Morton

Woman Warriors: Babae/Babaylan by Aimee Suzara

The Woman Who Picked Me Up by Antonia Clark

Blue Goddesses by Laura Chaignon

Dada Does Dominoes by Glenda Reed

The Jugular by Karla Morton

My South by Wendy Carlisle

Grip by Lauren Camp

Indra’s Net by Ji Hyang Padma

No Milk Over Tea by Zehra Imam

Freshman by Sue Churchill

Agoraphobia by Susan Austin

Woman Finds Her Face by Lois Marie Harrod

Persephone by Elizabeth Moller

Bipolar Girls on a Manic High Are My Addiction by Stephanie Heit

This Poem Will Refuse to Confess by Emily Regier

Lines by Yania Padilla Sierra

Ace of Pentacles by Roxanna Bennett

Stealin’ from the Dead by K. Bruce Florence

Stones by Michel Wing

Untitled [the dark knows this] by Jennifer Patterson

Her American Life by Sokunthary Svay

The Siege of Ennis by Eileen O’Leary

Mrs. Ramsey by Rebecca Ruth Gould

She Shall Soon Find a Way by Julie Babcock

Wanting for Grace by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Final Crescent by Jane Schulman

Rapunzel Brings Her Women’s Studies Class to the Tower by Susan J. Erickson



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“Hungry” by Bunny Bowen


In sum, this work is about: I started this painting about 25 years ago. Yes, 25 years! It began as I noticed that coyote scat is full of prickly pear seeds when the fruits ripen in the fall. I started a painting about that, then just set it aside, unfinished. Every few years I would dab a bit more paint on it, but it never worked. Then, after the invasion of Ukraine, I was strangely energized, and the painting resolved itself in a way unlike my original intent. It became richer and somehow stars appeared in the body of the coyote… the cosmic trickster.


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I brushed Baby Hammerhead against my cheek. Her muscled body was scratchy and velvety. I kissed her. Right between her beautiful eyes. So wild. So perfect. “I name you Sister,” I whispered. “Sister Shark. From now on, we’re Family. I’m Wild as You.”


“May I Call You Sister” by Sharon Baker


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“Yellow Eye” by Andrea Mozarowski, AROHO Global Summer Camp 2023

The woman with one yellow eye entered the narrative decades ago, following my first trip to Ukraine, post-Perestroika. 


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Do you remember the way we laughed in the face of that shattering windchill slapping our cheeks until we felt almost sober? Almost legit to drive home? It was as though we’d co-created a queendom — our chariot, your Chrysler LeBaron.

It’s been a while since we talked. 25 years or so. Dates got foggy for me after my mom got sick and I started marking time with dementia symptoms, long goodbyes and grief. My own memory isn’t always reliable, either. But some things a person never forgets.


“Dear Missy” by Lonna Whiting


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“… in my heart [this piece] belongs to Waves and nowhere else.”

– Niloufar Behrooz


Do you have a piece whose heart belongs to WAVES?

Our open invitation to submit and receive is free.


Author: A Room of Her Own

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