Hungry by Bunny Bowen


“Hungry” by Bunny Bowen



In sum, this work is about: I started this painting about 25 years ago. Yes, 25 years! It began as I noticed that coyote scat is full of prickly pear seeds when the fruits ripen in the fall. I started a painting about that, then just set it aside, unfinished. Every few years I would dab a bit more paint on it, but it never worked. Then, after the invasion of Ukraine, I was strangely energized, and the painting resolved itself in a way unlike my original intent. It became richer and somehow stars appeared in the body of the coyote… the cosmic trickster.



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Bunny Bowen Artist Statement:

As an older visual artist, I’m still exploring new media and ways to express my connection with the natural world. Living in community with fellow artists is inspirational, affirming, and nourishing. Waking up each (well, many) mornings with fresh ideas and creative energy is what makes life worth living.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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