Beautiful Still, But Changed


Waves Edition Title from Café de Artistes by Sally Taylor Tawil




A Room of Her Own’s long vision is to amass a multimedia mother archive of the collective memory and storied history of women artists and writers. Weaving the diverse voices of our radiant Waves Anthology together with newly-submitted creative work, responses to The Q, Global Camps, and more, each WAVES edition adds a glittering droplet to the expansive sea of longing that bonds us all.





If we aren’t seeing art by a wide range of people, we aren’t really seeing society, history or culture as a whole…


“The Story of Art Without Men” by Katy Hessel





“Divorce Journals,” image by Martha Donovan, section image for Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices


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If He, If She Would Only

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Lovers in the Age of Airmail by Kelly Cressio-Moeller

The Geography of First Kisses by Karin Cecile Davidson

Recognition by Sandy Gillespie

Postcard from Sissinghurst by Denise DiMarzio

Moby Dick and the Beginning of the End by Ingrid Jendrzejewski

Persephone Tells All by Ruth Thompson

Self-Portrait as a Message From Rapunzel to the Princes

Trying to Rescue Her by Michalle Gould

Without Turning by Sandy Gillespie

There Is This Wildness by Molly Scott

The Promenade by Toni Loefler

Diner by Jackie Davis Martin

Co— by Jennifer Campbell

Schrodinger’s Wife Sells the House by Jennifer Campbell

I Promise I’m Always Careful by Alethea Alden

When a Ghost Touches Your Body by Kristi Carter

Café Des Artistes by Sally Taylor Tawil

Anatomy of a Lighthouse by Rita Anderson

Riding Past the Museum of Natural History by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

Sustenance by Sarah Russell

Unanticipated Effects of Altitude by Jennifer Steil

Body Memories, Keening, Scars by Erin Pushman

The Bronx: A Love Story by Melissa Coss Aquino

Asian Woman by Tanya Ko Hong

Breathing Fee by Tanya Ko Hong

Reception by Meghan Giles

Aura by Ginny Rachel

The Cage Is Open by Margaret Chula

So by Martha Andrews Donovan

Open or Safe by Laura Grace

Parallax by Jeanette Miller

Denouement by Sarah Russell

Dogs and Men in Bed by Marcia Meier

Company by Muriel Nelson

Blue Moon and Bright Mars by Sandy Coomer



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“Government Controlled Love, Marriage, Body” by Karen Henninger


What does my writing/art mean to me: Art, no matter the form it takes, is a way of life. It is a level of proficiency that results from refined practice. It is my freedom and peace. It is the place I can be when the social pressures are monstrous. It is a path out of an enslaved existence.


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the white pine easel

set to my child-sized height

the paper’s grain, rough edges

fastened by wood clothespins

a well-worn pearl snap work shirt

draped on backwards as a smock

sleeves rolled thick at the wrist

the smooth tip of the paintbrush

belonging, becoming in my hand

every stroke a fingerprint

the gentle morning sun

radiant and still within me



“Calling” by Laura Rockhold


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“The Young Girl and the Sea” by Menat Allah

In response to The Q Creative Form: What Do My Artistic Ancestors Tell Me?


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yet out I marched out beyond the cinder trail

harvesting/ separating seeds

from duff/ the heavens

from iron & plaster/ I scratched reeds for my soundboard

from throats of hot & willing men & though

I’m but skin sack/ shaky & defenseless in deep longing

aurora-tipped saplings shimmered for me

& I clasped the keyboard to my chest

pressed the bass buttons for low rhythm’s


that strain & measure of perpetuity enfolding/ slicking

up the river’s second then first floodplain

thickset with August’s wet sufferance

& I prayed & played

& pestered Elysium – that promise risen in viscous shrouds

swathing the treetops –

that I should never tire

of this prospect nor weary

of its anointing



“Lowering at Twilight” by Mara Adamitz


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“… in my heart [this piece] belongs to Waves and nowhere else.”

– Niloufar Behrooz


Do you have a piece whose heart belongs to WAVES?

Our open invitation to submit and receive is free.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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