Calling by Laura Rockhold


“Calling” by Laura Rockhold


the white pine easel
set to my child-sized height
the paper’s grain, rough edges
fastened by wood clothespins
a well-worn pearl snap work shirt
draped on backwards as a smock
sleeves rolled thick at the wrist
the smooth tip of the paintbrush
belonging, becoming in my hand
every stroke a fingerprint
the gentle morning sun
radiant and still within me



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Laura Rockhold Artist Statement:

I am a poet and visual artist living in Minnesota.

I believe creativity is inherent to identity, that every being is creative. I believe that creativity is rooted in moments of inspiration and its expression is an expression of the spirit.

My writing and art are an expression of my identity and spirit. As a mother, it is important that my daughter knows the value of her creative voice, too.

I am currently seeking publication of my first collection of poetry and working on a multidisciplinary art exhibition that explores the interconnectedness of environmental and social issues and healing. I recently invented a new poetic form called the golden root, which I believe serves as a conduit between the spirits of two poems. A definition of the golden root and my published work can be found at:

As a creative woman, my deepest need is: To share my poetry and art with the world so that it might uplift, inspire and provide a path toward healing.




Author: A Room of Her Own

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