Schrodinger’s Wife Sells the House by Jennifer Campbell


“Schrodinger’s Wife Sells the House” by Jennifer Campbell


I am ready, a locomotive hurtling
a star already shooting
a lunar eclipse set in motion

He is stuck in a half-state
the house with dwindling half-life
all there and not-there, at once

It’s all I can do to find a box
that’s just a box. And the cat’s
been holed up in the wall for days

I’m thinking outside of it now
The house is a box and we
are Matryoshka dolls lined up

Unboxed, we may be packed
and stacked, the matter being
our traces of matter

Problems bring us closer together
Come, care for my eventuality
Fill the box with gilded frames,

photos of those alive and dead,
at once. Let us begin
packing the box that is a box. At once.



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Jennifer Campbell Artist Statement:

Jennifer Campbell is an English professor in Buffalo, NY, and a co-editor of Earth’s Daughters.
She has published two books of poetry: Supposed to Love (Saddle Road Press, 2013) and Driving
Straight Through (FootHills, 2008).
Jennifer was a semi-finalist in New Millennium Writings’ 40th Poetry Competition and a finalist
in the 2014 River Styx Poetry Contest. Recent work appears in Comstock Review, The Prompt,
Oyez Review, Common Ground Review, Sow’s Ear, Saranac Review, Fugue, The Healing Muse,
and Seems, and is forthcoming in Pinyon Review and Xanadu.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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