Dogs and Men in Bed by Marcia Meier


“Dogs and Men in Bed” by Marcia Meier


in the early morning silence
Aussie’s stub tail moves rapid-fire
angles her body

scrambles to get onto the bed
our bodies a nest for her wiggling legs and paws
head bobbing as you croon “relax”…

my chest fills
I look out the bedroom window, see the long-needled pine
feel the shelter of this moment

remember the lie once told
“You ain’t nobody”



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Marcia Meier Artist Statement: 

Marcia Meier’s poems have appeared in Sage Trail Poetry Magazine, Prime Number, and
the anthology Knocking at the Door, Poems about Approaching the Other. She is the
author of two published works of nonfiction and a memoir, and holds degrees in
journalism and creative writing.


Author: A Room of Her Own

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