Sisterhood of the Barbed Wire Museum



“Acts of Bravery (Day 1 & 3),” image by Lois Bradley


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…we should have lassoed ourselves together

lashed down to weather the storms.

—Carrie Nassif


That pain in her eyes? It’s in mine. 

—Louise McKinney


The concentration of

wife mother woman left untouched

her mysterious hankering

for solitude. 

—Rebecca Ruth Gould


Today I feel centered and time is a friend instead of the old enemy. It was zero this morning. I have a fire burning in my study, yellow roses and mimosa on my desk. There is an atmosphere of festival, of release, in the house. We are one, the house and I, and I am happy to be alone—time to think, time to be. This kind of open-ended time is the only luxury that really counts and I feel stupendously rich to have it. 

—May Sarton


…do I need to say

your voices are searchlights? 

—Susan J. Erickson