Our Hands Are Water Wings


Women make waves when

. . .

We release the safety of a select, bounded circle around our creative lives

to open what is precious and valuable to us for engagement and expansion

We release the injustice of a woman’s “duty”

to claim the agency which sustains our creative wellbeing


What will you release and reclaim?

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Our “hands are water wings” from Water Women by Alla Bozarth, Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices




“Dragging Virginia’s Body Out of the Ouse (detail)” by Christy Sheffield Sanford, section image for Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices


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Now You Must Love This Too

[each title is a link to the individual work]


Old Woman by Ruth Rifka

Bernard Brings a Drink by Jill Barth

Woman Waiting by Antonia Clark

Elegy to a Woman Writer, A Friend by Barbara Rockman

When the Moonlight by Berwyn Moore

Visit to Sete by Lynn Tudor Deming

Untitled jisei series by Shirley Plummer

In Memory Of by Peg Duthie

Lady Lazarus by Jacqueline Doyle

Cycle for Nembetsu Udori, Festival to Summon

Ancestral Spirits by Judy Schavrien

Singing at the End by Molly Scott

Plunge by Margaret Chula

Responsibility by Shirley Plummer

October Ends by Marsha Howland

Why You’re Afraid of the Road by Charlotte Muse

Beginning the Journey by Ruth Thompson

Karma by Felicia Mitchell

The Mirror by Lytton Bell

Promise by Barbara Sullivan

At the Whaling Museum, Point Lobos by Ruth Thompson

The Vigil by Dipika Guha

Last Bus by Lynn Tudor Deming

Incantation by Maureen Cummins

Bring Me the God of Mrs. Garcia by Susan Kelly-DeWitt

Where God Lives by Jeanne Bryner

Dogma by Cynthia Reeser

Host by Roz Spafford

St. Lunatic by Gayle Bell

Water Women by Alla Bozarth

Isles of the Wise by Sharon Suzuki-Martinez

Village Shakti by Verena Tay

The Ghigau Women by Sun Cooper

Abbey of Our Lady at Gethsemani by Sherry Chandler

Questions for the Angel Gabriel II by Anna Hundert

Mother of the Disappeared by Roz Spafford

A Village of Their Own by Niloufar Behrooz

Safe House by Jude Rittenhouse

Poem as a Field of Action by Berwyn Moore

The Arbor of Chance by Peggy Dobreer

Summer at Twenty-One by Eva M. Schlesinger

Next to You, Permanence by Elizabeth Jacobson

Horseshoe Crab Fandango by Nancy Krim

Stone Love by Joanna Clapps Herman

Call by Alla Bozarth

Psalm of Fire and Water by Cristina Baptista

Women’s Work by Jude Rittenhouse

Doors by Dawn Banghart

Patience by Mary Elise Bailey

Sleeping Under Snow by Susan Austin

The Last I Saw Mitsou by Karin Cecile Davidson

On the Need to Re-establish Sovereignty Over My Own Heart by Trina Porte

Rebuilding the ’63 Beetle by Nancy Krim

There Was a Door by Leatha Kendrick

Selkie by Sandra Cross

The Potential of Yellow Roses by Susan J. Erickson

Adie by Jay Merill

Woman of Myriad Seeds by Margaret Stetler

She Let Herself Go by George Ella Lyon

How will you begin? by Barbara Rockman

The Beginner by Janet Fitch

Writing the Dress by Barbara Rockman


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“Clouds and Reflection” by Kathleen Schlarb


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My writing means everything to me. It is my heartbeat. It heavily influences the way I move through this life. If I don’t have writing, I don’t have a true safe outlet to hold on to my secrets, scars, the pieces of me that I rarely let anyone see. My writing is a huge signifier that I’m not just existing, but that I’m living, that I’m alive.


“What does my writing mean to me” by Chántelle Agbro


Author: A Room of Her Own

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