Doors by Dawn Banghart


“Doors” by Dawn Banghart


Each morning can start different or like this.
Each morning can be an open door.
Forget the coffee, forget the shower
if you could forget responsibilities right now
where would you go after tugging open the door?
Nothing is needed, not even your shoes
leave them, laces untied, lights off.
Outdoors you will find a predawn sky
a faint brightness in the east
with one airplane coming or going.
Imagine where you want to be right now.
Imagine a doorless place, or a place with doors.
Now imagine walking back through your door
choosing your life.



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Dawn Banghart Artist Statement:

Dawn works as a health physicist at Stanford University who prefers to view the
world upside down and sideways using words, photography, sports and love as a
glue and safety net.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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