St. Lunatic by Gayle Bell


“St. Lunatic” by Gayle Bell


That’s what my kids call me
able to try to fix the whole world
in a single bleeding heart
I bare it all baby
an offered hat, clothes still with good wear
a burger, coffee, a shoulder, an ear

Ms. June has a smile
like a brown berry sunshine
a greeting like a country hug

Mr. Willie can sing spirituals
that would make a statue get happy
Alabama tats on a shoulder
A yes mam, Gods Blessings to you
from a man on crutches

King Jimi holds court with the unseen
his fiery eyes come from his mountain
Yes, yes I’m ok, thank you for asking
his courtiers vie for his attention once more

Shadow picks up plastic flowers
a coveted cigarette butt
from the Dollar Tree floor
I’ve been able to stay sane clean sober
making art out of stuff I find
the evidence of things unseen, Ms. Lady
I slapped my chest 3 times,
pointed to her and the sky
that needs no translation




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Gayle Bell Artist Statement:

Gayle Bell’s work has been featured in numerous anthologies, print and online publications. In 2013-
2014 She was a co-docent for “My Immovable Truth-A Dallas Lineage”. She facilitated her and other
GLBTQY’s oral history and performance, sponsored by (MAP-Make Art With Purpose) and displayed at
the African American Museum in Dallas TX.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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