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We see each woman’s work as a brush stroke in the portrait of creative women.

If the way in to our deepest work is by invitation, come, reveal yourself:


The invitation my creative heart wants to receive is ___.

The invitation my creative heart wants to give is ___.


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glowed at the site of the blackish fruit.                she

awed at the perfectly shaped bush.                       she

kneeled as nature’s breath helped drop her blessing.


tenderly plucks and cradles each one in her dainty hand and

places the overflow in the tiny folds of mine.


“Blackberries” by Tina Carey


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“Amber” by D Davidsohn


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a fool called this “the house of honey” // Mudhushala

is the house of wine // shahad ka ghar

lip to lip the dream goes and is swallowed

loveliness takes off what she doesn’t need

“Sex Goblet” by Ariel Fintushel


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“Offerings” by Anon




We respond to the call of our times and our community to release the confluence of women’s voices – both from our radiant anthology and from newly submitted work – into shared, published WAVES. With no limit to its future possibilities, we are publishing the anthology – piece by piece – in our monthly WAVES publication, and by digitizing all work from the anthology in the format of an online book serialization.


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Author: A Room of Her Own

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