Sex Goblet by Ariel Fintushel


“Sex Goblet” by Ariel Fintushel


                                                                                                                             [enshrining myself]
wherever i look there’s another island [flying]
skin keys into me, push me over / into the sound
the maiden snaps + is gone


key into me myself, darkly reconcile
green after a singe / the chorus
feed us to each other
love is a long way through


wanting good times in a ghost town
wherever i look / pleated, galactic // two faces
doubling my own
+ even then, distilling the world’s sap drip by
drip by hand by taste, firing earth into one


a fool called this “the house of honey” // Mudhushala
is the house of wine // shahad ka ghar
lip to lip the dream goes and is swallowed
loveliness takes off what she doesn’t need


now i am able to meet you, now my thirsting soul
pulls out a darkness, + in its command
what predictably there always is, a willingness
the forest where we live




Ariel Fintushel’s Artist Statement: I write in the mix, in the maternal matrix, asking a lot of questions and looking to what’s around me for answers.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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