Spring 2015 Orlando Prize Deadline, Days Away

The Orlando Prize & The Los Angeles Review: A Publishing Platform for Courageous Women

Do you have an interesting and unpublished piece of poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, or creative nonfiction?

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Poetry (36 lines)
Flash Fiction (500 words)
Short Fiction & Creative Nonfiction (1500 words)

Read the full interviews and bios of our Spring 2015 Orlando Prize judges by clicking on each photo:

Camille Dungy, Orlando Poetry Judge

Camille Dungy
Orlando Poetry Judge


“We need to kick humility to the curb more often and believe that what we want to do with our lives is the most important thing in the world…Don’t be too humble to believe you deserve the best partners in your life.”

—Camille Dungy




Pam Houston, Orlando CNF Judge Photo: Adam Karsten

Pam Houston
Orlando CNF Judge
Photo: Adam Karsten

“The story matters, especially in nonfiction, but I want the language to be more than just a conveyance for meaning. I want the writer to be aware that they are using language. In other words, beauty matters to me, and I love being surprised.”

—Pam Houston




Aimee Liu, Orlando Short Fiction Finalist Judge

Aimee Liu
Orlando Short Fiction Judge

“I’m hoping to be inspired by the deftness and beauty of language and the originality of ideas in the submissions. I hope to feel each author’s passion between the lines of prose. And of course, I want to fall in love with the characters and care about their struggles.”

—Aimee Liu


Joni B. Cole, Orlando Flash Fiction Judge

Joni B. Cole, Orlando Flash Fiction Judge

“As writers, we are the accumulation of all the writing we have done in our lives. We learn from writing things that work, and we learn just as much from writing things that don’t work.”

—Joni B. Cole, from Toxic Feedback: Helping Writers Survive and Thrive

Author: A Room of Her Own

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