2019 “Self Reflection” Gift of Fellowship

“The self-portrait is a composition of structured forces and aspects of our developed knowledge of life. It is a guide toward ‘Who am I?'” – Linda Troeller
Dear Creative Woman,
I started taking self-portraits at twenty while attending a student luncheon at the home of the artist Georgia O’Keefe. She saw me with a Rollei camera and suggested I go out on her ranch and see what the spirits guided me to. I made a self-portrait there and this became a huge interest for over five decades.
Using this method I express emotions and recover new sensations. In my website project I include photographs of me taken by other photographers which offered me the opportunity to be part of their own stories and which expanded mine. With this work, putting myself in the pictures, I am adding the female body which is often left out of the history of art.
From me to you,
Linda Troeller
Find out more about Linda Troeller’s “Self Reflection” work and gallery here.

Karina Puente hosted an intimate interview with Linda Troeller. Watch brief clips here.



About this Gift of Fellowship
This gift offered intuitive, expert guidance through a three- months self-portrait experience to take a woman to a deeper understanding of her selfhood and its powers. This gift provided unique assignments for the winning fellow utilizing her own cell-phone and emails to the mentor. A final artistic photo, edited by Linda Troeller, will be published and archived in Waves.


Linda Troeller, Apolda-New York exhibition.


“Linda’s world is almost ‘alive’ through her work. It shows the world in all its facets … The pictures are real, they show people in their everyday situations and in all their dignity and vulnerability.” – June 28, 2019 in the Kulturfabrik

Author: A Room of Her Own

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