An Intimate Conversation with Linda Troeller

To create more intimate portraits of the gifts and of the generous women who offer them freely, and to better find each other, we are delighted to begin with a video conversation: artist and AROHO board member, Karina Puente, asks questions with renowned portrait photographer and published author, Linda Troeller, who is offering our community of women the Gift of Self-Reflection.

Dear Creative Woman,

Linda Troeller’s self-portraits make me ask the question: What does it take to create images like this?

In my personal interview with her (two video excerpts, three minutes total) Linda Troeller gives us a glimpse into her artistic process. Complete with inspiration from Georgia O’Keeffe, Linda shares how she can help you create a Goddess Portrait by “taking little pieces of you and placing them into the Universe.”

From me to you,

Karina Puente, artist and AROHO Director

How has Georgia O’Keefe influenced your photography?

“Being chosen to have her open the door to the future was so moving… it’s something I never forgot.”

“If I didn’t have my camera to remind me constantly, I am here …
I would eventually have slipped away, I think.
I would have forgotten my reason to exist.” – Annie Liebovitz

This is what Georgia O’Keeffe did for Linda Troeller and what Linda can share with you.

What Gift of Fellowship do you offer and what can I expect if I’m selected?

“Ideas about taking little pieces of yourself and placing them into the Universe.”

Want to work with Linda over three months to create your own self-portrait?

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Find more details on this Gift of Fellowship here.

“Each Gift of Fellowship donation is your ticket to win a chance to join arms and make art, side-by-side. It’s one way we find each other.” – Karina Puente


“For the class picture the very first year,

Teacher pinned up my hair with a bow.

I took that picture in my hands;

I smiled and danced with joy.

‘I am a girl,’ I cried, ‘and I will be a woman.’”

– Marilyn Flower,

excerpted “Girl,” The Q


Read Marilyn’s full poem here.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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