Reaching the water in time. Beginning anew.


It seems we are hardwired to take stock on New Year’s. Dreams of a creative life, elusive but persistent like a loose tooth, negotiate their way onto a list in a new journal or – if too crazy, too impossible – scream their way out of our consciousness. At the New Year, we are supposed to begin anew but how do the leftovers of last year’s creative intentions allow space for this year’s? How do we begin anew day after day? How will we sustain our progress? We have imagined our best ever creative year. Virtual Global Camps are joyous gatherings validating women with serious creative intentions. We invite you to join us.





“Counting and What’s Counted On” by Robyn Hunt, Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices
There’s a business adage, “What gets counted, counts.”
Here is poet Robyn Hunt’s accounting.
I know for sure: There is more inside of me that desires to be written.
Not so sure about: Breaking the chain of more of the same … If I can swim back, quickly … Reaching the water in time … Whether the waves will flood my home if I open the windows wide.
Know for sure: The waves will flood my home; I will open the windows wide.

Counting and What’s Counted On







“LC Adventure” art by Laura Curran


“Not permanence but change, its pace and direction, are all that matter.” – Freya Stark

How many ways can we claim our creative identity?

Skin deep, soulful, rhythmic, and crafty. – Patrice Thomas
I’m a poet and translator who believes strongly in writing that is socially engaged. – Holly Karapetkova
I’m a self-taught lesbian documentary photographer from Miami. I seek to capture raw beauty in people as they balance their lives between resilience and struggle. – Vanessa Charlot
I am a daughter with a daughter and have pretended every woman written into A Room of One’s Own was/is one of my mothers. – Emily Bowles





“Goddess on a Shelf” art by Jennifer Lothrigel, Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices



Winners of Master Camp drawing are Jenny Douglas and
Lynn Halper Rosen, PhD!
“We wrote about something that needed to be finished, worked on, given attention to … We were on a mission to dig deep inside ourselves, and uncover our hidden potential … In a world full of division, loss, and political vitriol, I had peace.”
– Zeel Patel, Global Day Camper 2020
Dive in. Take stock. Transform your creative stress into creative refreshment.
Join us for Creative Renewal Global Day Camp, next Saturday, January 23!

Author: A Room of Her Own

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