Letter to AROHO Sisters

Dear AROHO Sisters

Some years ago, we wrote that AROHO was a Beacon, a Map, and a Destination. This has come to be. Despite the unthinkable becoming reality year after year, AROHO has remained a source of hope, a path through the forest, and a homecoming for an ever-expanding circle of women.

Even more remarkable, this has come to be with an investment of resources (human, spiritual, and monetary) that is sustainable. We find ourselves shoulder to shoulder with women who have embraced and taken ownership of AROHO’s cause: we call these sisters the Women Who Make Room Circle. They are a strong circle of global sisters whose variety of perspective weaves a stunning tableau; Mastery Campers who continue to organize and design Blueprints for their creative lives; Summer Campers who wouldn’t dream of missing the warmth of the five-day hearth; and Studio Campers who make the most of an open invitation to a clearing where their creative projects matter. Our featured Wisdom Sharers are alumnae who adorn our room with compassion and self-possession born from the deeply respected rituals of Our Room Our Work Our Way.

We have much to be proud of and even more to look forward to.

With deep appreciation,
Darlene Chandler Bassett


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Author: A Room of Her Own

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