Women Who Make Room Circle


The Women Who Make Room Circle is women who have grown with AROHO and have helped AROHO grow. Through generous donations, and overwhelming contributions of time and spirit, these women have demonstrated the importance of Our Room beyond our imagining. They are responsible for furnishing it, decorating it, expanding and sustaining it for themselves and sister creatives. They have made Our Room one that is filled with commitment and soul; a creative home for us all.

The Women Who Make Room Circle are invited to share connection, expand common ground, and explore wildly creative possibilities for ourselves and each other.

Please take a moment to meet our Women Who Make Room Circle. We welcome you.


Primordial Goddess detail, The Dinner Party Installation Art by Judy Chicago

Meera Censor
Darlene Chandler Bassett
Sun Cooper
Melissa Coss Aquino
Dianne Cravens
Tracey Cravens-Gras
Barbara Dolny Bombar
Carol Fox Prescott
Saranya Francis
Gail Holtzman
A Kaiser
Bhanu Kapil
Gina Moriarty
Andrea Mozarowski
Valérie PROT
Karina Puente
Cathleen Richland
Nina Rolle
Jennifer Tehani Sarreal
Taiba Shams
Aisha Sidibe
Charlene Spiegel
Latricia Stein Smith
Bernadette Smyth
Kavya Srinivasan
Chris White
Jamie Clifford
Pamela Leavey
Jennifer Douglas
Antonella Sacchetti Berni
Ana Maria Jomolca
Tara Lee
Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa
Michelle Bitting
Dr. Laura Kelly
Kate Register
Janet Kaplan
Kathy Burke
Kathleen McCoy
Anita Jiles
Ellen Peckham
Marcia Hemphill
Lachandra B. Baker
Amanda Weir-Gertzog
Terri L. Niccum
Gerda Govine Ituarte