Interrobang by Jessica Piazza

InterrobangCOVER Interrobang, winner of the 2011 To the Lighthouse Poetry Publication Prize

Judge: Eloise Klein Healy

Interrobang is a collection of mostly sonnets that play with various clinical “phobias” and “philias.” Jessica’s stunning, playful, dark, and haunting poems illustrate how “even the worst-case scenario of these pathologies are, fundamentally, just extensions of the dark truths to which every one of us can relate.”  You can read more about Jessica and Interrobang on her website here:


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What an ear, here! Jessica Piazza’s poems are such etched, alive word sculptures, crystal prism poems of love and longing and punch.
Aimee Bender

I am such a fan of AROHO. Of course, winning the To the Lighthouse Poetry Publication Prize in 2011 was an amazing moment, and changed my career forever. But aside from my own affiliation with the foundation, I’m just in awe of the work they do to promote women writers. AROHO–through retreats, wonderfully generous prizes, contests, and media support–is a champion combating the gender disparity we must all write through. I’m truly honored to represent AROHO, and I hope I do the foundation proud!
–Jessica Piazza


Author: A Room of Her Own

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