Braiding Water and Light


“Is there a way that art-making or writing practice is a way of stepping out of toxic lineage, as much as it is a braiding or weaving of water and light?”

— Bhanu Kapil

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“I wished that woman would write . . . so that other women, other unacknowledged sovereigns, might exclaim: I too, overflow; my desires have invented new desires, my body knows unheard of songs.”

— Hélène Cixous



For Bhanu Kapil on behalf of AROHO by Karina Puente


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Place the photograph*
In the stainless steel sink.
Light a match.

Yes, begin there. With a fingertip, make a smudge on the nude page. With a pencil or pen, or without words, how will you caption what you’ve made? . . . Light the match.

— Bhanu Kapil, Haiku with Reflection on 2021 Global Sisterhood Camp


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We respond to the call of our times and our community to release the confluence of women’s voices – both from our radiant anthology and from newly submitted work – into shared, published WAVES. With no limit to its future possibilities, we are publishing the anthology – piece by piece – in our monthly WAVES publication, and by digitizing all work from the anthology in the format of an online book serialization.

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Author: A Room of Her Own

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