An Intimate Conversation with Sandy Coomer

Dear Creative Woman,

In an intimate interview, AROHO’s own Cassandra Lane met with Sandy Coomer to talk about the Rockvale Writers’ Colony, her upcoming gift to one woman for a week-long writer’s residency there inspired by the power of creativity, and her effervescent response to our featured question :

Do you have a room of your own?

What inspired your creation of this gift and could you describe the details?

Be inspired by Sandy’s words on the power of creativity: Listen here. Would you like to find out more about Sandy and her work? Watch another clip here and read her work “Available Light” here.



“Suddenly the Sun” by Donna Spector

In these times
of turmoil, I am grateful
for any moments when
there is no new news, no tv,
no radio, just two cats
purring in the kitchen,
and my study quiet
and full of dreams.


“Room Enough to Be Me” by Elizabeth Best

In Dutch, it is my ruim: the hold of the ship of my life …
When I have read enough or thought enough or written enough and I am too tired to do anything else, this room becomes my cabin, my chamber, my cove.

Want to read Donna Spector’s and Elizabeth Best’s gorgeous submissions in full? Also find alongside complementary art by Korean feminist artist, Yun Suk-nam here.


Find more on the Rockvale “Power of Creativity” Gift of Fellowship here.


Author: A Room of Her Own

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