2019 Rockvale “Power of Creativity” Gift of Fellowship

The Rockvale “Power of Creativity” Gift of Fellowship

The farmhouse porch at Rockvale Writers’ Colony in Middle Tennessee.

The Rockvale Writers’ Colony is held firmly in the belief that words have power and that writers who share their writing with the world are offering a fundamental and powerful gift that cannot be duplicated by any other writer.

“Our uniqueness is our power. Our Creative spirit is our power. Our words are power and light.”
– Sandy Coomer, poet, published writer, and founder of Rockvale Writers’ Colony


Dear Creative Woman,

The genius of creativity can be terrifying because it’s soul-bearing, and heart-opening, and it makes us vulnerable. But it’s necessary and essential too. Believing in the power of my words makes me fearless and daring, makes me believe the risk of baring my heart is what I must do, because it’s who I must be in order to be authentic. I submit and risk rejection. I create and risk disapproval. I write and risk misunderstanding. I do it because to refuse that power is to refuse myself. And that is something I won’t do, I can’t do. I created Rockvale Writers’ Colony so that other writers who carry the weight of their own creative genius can have a safe and inspiring place to risk it, to believe in it, to free it. And to offer it to the world with all its power and beauty.

From me to you,

Sandy Coomer

Read Sandy’s stunning poetry submission, “Available Light, ” here, originally published in Oyster River Pages, August 2017, and the title poem for her full length poetry collection, Available Light, Iris Press, forthcoming.


In an intimate interview hosted by Cassandra Lane, Sandy Coomer shares about middle-Tennessee’s Rockvale Writers’ Colony, her gift to one woman of a week-long writer’s residency there, and her effervescent response to our featured question: Do you have a room of your own? Watch here.

A desk of your own at Rockvale Writers’ Colony. Photo provided by RWC.


About this Gift of Fellowship

One writer will receive a week’s stay at Rockvale Writers’ Colony (6 nights – check in on Monday 3:00 p.m., check out on the following Sunday 11:00 a.m.) Dates are subject to availability.
The writer will be assigned to a private bedroom/bathroom suite, and have access to a full kitchen, many lovely common areas inside and outside.
The writer is responsible for transportation to the Colony which is located in College Grove, TN, 45 minutes south of Nashville, TN.  The writer must supply all food and prepare their own meals during their stay (exception is the Welcome Dinner on Monday night which RWC supplies).
The writer is expected to be a serious writer with a writing project in mind and will spend the majority of their time fully engaged in writing. RWC has WiFi but cell connection can be iffy. The writer will be expected to read and sign the writers’ contract which entails the rules and procedures employed by RWC. The writer is expected to follow these rules and procedures without fail. The fellowship residency is offered as a gift to the writer with no fees attached. It is suggested that writers familiarize themselves with RWC by reading our website information, particularly the FAQs and “A Day in the Life” sections. RWC is in a rural location. The nearest city facilities are 20 minutes away. Most writers appreciate having a car to explore the area, especially if they are interested in visiting Nashville or Franklin while they are a resident.

A room with a view at Rockvale Writers’ Colony. One of several suites. Photo provided by RWC.


Congratulations, Bridgett Jensen! Winner of the 2019 Rockvale “Power of Creativity” Gift of Fellowship!


Our donations for the 2019 gift are closed, but to schedule your own writer’s residency or find out more about Rockvale Writers’ Colony, visit here!

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