Women Who Make Room

Women Who Make Room

Those named here have gifted artistic fellowships and residencies or have generously donated $20 or above in honor of AROHO’s anniversary “20 Years of Creative Women,” some naming and honoring another woman who made room for her.

A nonprofit founded, nurtured, and accelerated by the commitment to transform the paradigm of creative women in the world of arts,  AROHO uniquely provides open-access submissions and publications by and for women of every creative origin and diverse experience. These publications include our worldwide bi-monthly AROHO e-pub – featuring ongoing submissions and gifts of fellowship – and the 2020 publication of Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices —a stunning anthology solely-authored, curated, and edited by new and established modern-day women writers and artists in partnership with a woman-owned, nonprofit press.

Generosity makes this “room” possible for over 20,000 women and growing. Here’s how you can help. Thank you for your donations and gifts!

Join our living archive of women who made room.

Esther Gulli

Helen Chinitz

Mary Makofske

Gretchen Schneider

Caroline LeBlanc

Rhonda Rivera

Jamie E Clifford

Elaine Heveron

Sb Sowbel

Adele Slaughter

Bridgett Jensen

Carolyn Mikulencak

Beth Cohen

Christine Blain

Carole DeSanti

Errin Stevens

Rachel Koenig

Susanjane Harrison

Gina Williams

Kathleen Rugel

Dianne Cravens, in honor of Carolyn Drown

Jennifer Bicknell

Kathy Watson

Alison Greifenstein

Brooke Davis, in honor of Martha Davis

Chris White & Michael Jercinovic

Bernadette Smyth

Cindy Corpier

Patricia Dreyfus Writer

Michael Darby

Ariadne Baker-Dunn

Tanya Ko Hong

Virginia Read

Word Walker Press

Leecynth Hunkins

Deborah Tobola

Elizabeth Best

Li Yun Alvarado

Panagiota Panagiotaki

Lindsey Fromm

Robin Lysne

Christine Hanson

Kristine Grossman

Cristina Adams

Monica Comas

Ramona Reeves

Melissa Coss Aquino

Cassandra Lane

Karina Puente

Sun Cooper, in honor of Cathleen Richland

Tracey Cravens-Gras, in honor of Darlene Chandler Bassett

Darlene Chandler Bassett

Charlene Spiegel

Sandy Coomer

Linda Troeller

Kristi Crutchfield Cox, in honor of Kipp Crutchfield

Breena Clarke, in honor of Edna Payne

Esther Cohen, in honor of Anna Sorocor

Marsha Pincus