Global Camps

for Women Writers and Artists


IMAGINE YOUR BEST EVER CREATIVE DAY. Sustaining, nourishing, and Zoom-enabled, Global Camps are a window to creative inspiration and communion in the sacred space of each other’s presence. Feel the boundless joy of beginning or completing your creative project. Become part of a diverse community of women who dream creatively. Discover or reclaim the essential ingredients of your own sustainable creative life. Work Your Way, independently yet together in Our Room, and gain wisdom and support from each other.

“Le Jardin” art by Karina Puente, Global Summer Camper


OUR ROOM IS SACRED | We honor our evolving self-agency as creative women and insist on our responsibility to each other by entering shared space with profound respect for our time, dignity, artistry, ancestors, and culture.

OUR WORK IS PROGRESS | We invite each woman to set her own intentions, speak for herself and her work within the realm of her own unique experiences, and commit to generous listening and shared progress together.

OUR WAY IS COLLABORATION | We entrust each other with our creative presence and imperfect offerings in order to share connection, expand common ground, and explore wildly-creative possibilities for ourselves and each other.




Global Day Camp

Finding inspiration in conversation with a WAVES writer-in-residence and artist-in-residence, we will dive intimately into independent creative practice, surfacing to reflect and share with each other our process and progress. Zoom-enabled.

Two Saturdays a month
11 am to 3 pm ET
$39 per session
Space is limited

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November 7

Join us to engage in independent creative work side-by-side and intimate wisdom-sharing conversations with writer Sokunthary Svay about her poem, “At Least Prostitutes Bring Home Money,” and artist Lyndia Radice about her piece, “Golden One.”

November 21

Join us to engage in independent creative work side-by-side and intimate wisdom-sharing conversations with writer Beverly Lafontaine about her poem, “Coming Back,” and artist Marianne Murdock about her piece, “Sisters.”


Global All-Fellow Day Camp

December 12

In Our Room, Our Way is generous reciprocity. We have seen how the gifts we receive within community exponentially expand the gifts that are given. Global All-Fellow Day Camp is reserved for women whose economic reality too often restricts creative participation, and is funded by those who believe in and value the creative well-being of all women.

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Each $39 donation sponsors one woman’s attendance to our December 12, Global All-Fellow Day Camp. How many women can we give the gift of connection and creative self-agency?


Global Summer Camp

Each three-hour, daily session of this five-day creative retreat follows the same arc—roughly half the time immersed in independent work, the other half engaged in collective activities to include potent wisdom sharing on topics to bolster and refuel your creative practice and community. Zoom-enabled.

August 9-13, 2021
11 am to 2 pm ET
Space is limited

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“I’m a writer who is always searching for new forms and new ways to make work. Inspiration at AROHO was a constant. To find so many women all focused on creating gave me energy and permission to ground into my best self. I have been trying to find my way…AROHO is a place for me now where magic can be made, and more than that, I can take AROHO and its anthem, deep dives and spirit with me always.” — Emma Goldman-Sherman, playwright



Camp funds make room for creative women around the world and support Our Room, Our Work, Our Way.
Your payment guarantees your space and is non-refundable but transferable.