Supra Camp Q & A



Supra Camp


Complete your Creative Project Plan. Expert feedback. Grant writing skill development. Dragon slaying.

April 15; April 22; April 29; and May 27

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How far along am I expected or required to be in my creative project?

Preparation for Supra Camp centers on articulating your creative project. Think comfortably and steadily about what you intend with the work and how to describe it. It matters not how far you are into the project, whether you have yet to begin or have what you hope is a final draft or artistic proposal, but that you’ve determined this is your year to commit to it. Don’t worry or be intimidated, we are all in the creative fire with you.

What I need is practical, applicable help. This is how I understand Supra Camp. Is this accurate? Can Supra Camp help my project have a future?

Yes, with the powerful combination of the grant writing skill workshop and the Creative Project Plan, Supra Camp aims to propel your project into its future.

How does Supra Camp propel my project into the future?

By preparing me with competencies to achieve results. Act with agency and confidence to apply for and receive residencies; fellowships; grants; speaking engagements; writing opportunities.

Channeling my unique voice and treasure into the envisioning and development of websites; newsletters; outreach; new partnerships; publications.

With the help of Supra Camp participants and alum, identifying new or hidden opportunities to bring my work into the public sphere.

I understand Supra Camp is 4, 3-hour Saturdays on Zoom. Do you anticipate that I will be working on my creative plan (and so on) during the weekdays?

There is a four-week interim between the third and final Zoom session for completion of the Creative Project Plan. Supra Camp will be intense and a serious time commitment in and out of camp.

I look forward to the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with other women. Do you anticipate that we will build community?

AROHO is shoulder to shoulder. Our Global Camps have been life-changing and bonding. We are confident that every Supra Camp will forge another beautiful community.

How many other participants will I be in the company of?

The size of the group will not exceed 20.

How does Supra feel different?

Like your next adventure or exotic destination.


Allies and Airtime:

Freedom to explore and articulate wildly creative possibilities, in safety, and thereby identify new outcomes and destinations.


Mapping and Companioning:

Meaning-making processes: flying solo and in tandem with creative sisters who know the joys and perils of the creative journey.



Stimulate new inquiry and neutralize perceived barriers to creativity, reception, and publication.


Piloting: Claiming One’s Voice:

Make visions tangible. No holding back. Carry one’s artistic offerings forward into imagined and yet-to-be-imagined public spaces.


Powering Our Projects:

Finding the treasure. Translating our raw materials and refined artistic products. Create living, fluid artifacts that we carry into our artist life beyond camp.


Powering Our Next Moves:

Supra Camp Alum Wisdom Exchange and Exemplar Offerings help us see new trajectories for our work in the world.