Unleashing Want

She had opened her arms and unleashed nature, allowing it to merge with the threads of the canvas to create shapes that defined nothing but felt like a world.

Mary Gabriel on Artist Helen Frankenthaler, Ninth Street Women


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“Interiors: Yearning”




I am the bird

from the wings of the bird

I am the sky

from the wild of the sky

I am all breath

deeply inhaling

I birth all that is

all that was

all that is to come


“Prayer” by Rozann Kraus


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When the ache rises in our own throats, we decide to get away. We put out a thumb, hitch a ride in a truck-bed through Amazonia, climb through the Andes, cross a sea of salt that looks like sky, watch flamingoes flap over a red lake, burn our mouths with coca. But however far afield we range, the babies cling to us, polyps, barnacles, the worms that now infest in our bellies too.


“Wanting” by Molly Beer, from Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices


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The stories learned during childhood, during daily life together,

Their meanings sacred, protected,

Are sacks of seeds buried in the ground during Winter.

We won’t recover them.


“Unmeasurable Distance Spanning Between Us” by Suzette Bishop


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“Wingspan” by Valérie Prot

My creative identity is a way to live a parallel life.


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I was hoping you would

pull up a chair and sit with me.

Me with you.

Offer me that coveted space

at your table.

A spot on the faded shelf

of your heart.


I left a piece of mine behind.

Jagged. Broken

and the color of rose quartz.

It really catches the morning sun

Through your window.


“Touchstone” by Michelle S. Campbell


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Author: A Room of Her Own

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