Tulip Girl by Michel Wing


“Tulip Girl” by Michel Wing


They said, Ignore her.
Shut the door. Give up this hunt.
What matters, one pebble in a wall of stone,
one cry in a torrent of sound?
But tulip girl, I see you, dark tips skirted round,
your bruised petals dancing in night.
No matter how cold the garden, cruel the hoe,
there you are, glory, spark, shine.



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Michel Wing’s Artist Statement: Michel Wing is a writer of poetry and creative nonfiction. They are the author of Body on the Wall (Saddle Road Press) and editor of Cry of the Nightbird: Writers Against Domestic Violence (WolfSinger Publications), both released in 2014 under the name of Michelle Wing. During years spent in California, Michel founded “Changing Hurt to Hope: Writers Speak Out Against Domestic Violence,” a program at the YWCA, and launched a successful reading series, “Books on Stage,” both in Sonoma County. They have a fifteen-year background in journalism, working on community newspapers and as a freelance magazine writer.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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