Thunderstorms Quench My Thirst by Melanie Kirby


“Thunderstorms Quench My Thirst” Seed Vessel by Melanie Kirby



This particular piece of my work is about protecting seeds. It is a seed saving vessel that, with sunlight and water, will burst forth with new life. It is a clay womb that is incubating and preserving seed stories that can be shared and passed onto the next generation.

As a creative woman, I define my creative identity in the following way:

I am at a point in my life and career where I crave synthesis…and consilience, unity of knowledge. My world view as a Native American, my education as a biologist, and my perspective as an interdisciplinary artist of mixed media (poetry, photo-journalism, ceramics) has encouraged me to embrace experience. And to what end? I ask myself what does my journey mean to me and to the broader communities I interact with? And my answer is that I crave and want to encourage empathy so that humanity can evolve a collective consciousness that is gracious, reverential, and nurturing.



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Melanie Kirby’s Artist Statement: I am a consilience researcher- piecing together diverse disciplines in appreciation and emergence of a more a tangible essence of being, one that can take many forms, adapt, and fuse to create another dimension of reality. I am a farmer by trade, and a single mother.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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