The tide of creative women is rising in waves

This Women’s History Month we are invited to consider the gifts of our hard-won “irrevocably altered vision.” Shaped by heroic journeys and the braid of our collective memory, our circle of sister ancestors shoulder to shoulder with contemporary sister creatives is a tide rising in WAVES.


—what haunts us and what we would rather not inhabit,
{is} the gulf between what is and what should be.
The tool we marshal to cross our gulf is irrevocably altered vision.

Sarah Lewis, The Rise: Creativity, The Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery




“Late,” by Luna Palazzolo

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Author Sarah Lewis goes on to challenge us:

“How many movements began when an aesthetic encounter indelibly changed our past perceptions of the world?”

Over 3000 women, from Albania to Zimbabwe, are signers of our AROHO purpose. The list is long and growing longer each day. Our invitation is to pause to appreciate the amalgam of all our stories and histories. This requires intention. There are roughly fifty passes of the screen to reach the last name and each pass is a universe of secret gardens that is us.


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What does your irrevocably altered vision propel you toward?





“Just As I Am,” by Amanda Patrick


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We respond to the call of our times and our community to release the confluence of women’s voices – both from our radiant anthology and from newly submitted work – into shared, published WAVES. With no limit to its future possibilities, we are publishing the anthology – piece by piece – in our monthly WAVES publication and by digitizing all work from the anthology in the format of a book serialization online.

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Author: A Room of Her Own

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