The Fireside Secrets by Ailsa Cawley


“The fireside secrets,” by Ailsa Cawley


You sat with me as a child saying that there were secrets
Held in the fire’s flames
Look for the answers there you’d urge
The secret will reveal itself if you watch
I watched and was watchful as I grew almost forgot
The urgency of your message
And something drew me back to the flames
One night long after you passed I smelled perfume
I smelled your scent as I huddled
Shivering in front of the fire
When hope had almost deserted me
And I remembered your words to watch the fire
Listen for its answering me
I heard and I acted
I heard and I wrote
I wrote and didn’t stop




Ailsa Cawley Artist’s Statement: I live on the Isle of Skye, an island off the West coast of Scotland. I’ve written for a long time and have a blog which mostly houses my poetry. I am currently writing a psychological thriller and I write often because I need to. I follow Celtic observations on the land and seasons being our best guides. I have friends of all beliefs and none.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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