Susie Verkamp

At age 65, I am a writer emerging from creative isolation, committed to getting my work out into the world. I have written journals for much of my life, and found community in writing workshops whenever time, finances and circumstances allowed. My intention moving forward from the 2011 AROHO retreat was to cultivate my identity as a writer. My goal was to continue writing new and revised poems for submission and to create structure for my CNF/memoir about growing up on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I have a modest packet of poems ready for review and submission, but haven╩╝t yet taken the leap. In 2012 my scholarly paper, infused with personal recollection, was chosen for publication in the proceedings of the Grand Canyon History Symposium. I learned that my utterly tangential mind could in fact create something with a beginning, middle and end.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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