Spoke & Dark by Carolyn Guinzio


Spoke & Dark by Carolyn GuinzioTo the Lighthouse Poetry Publication Prize Winner, 2010

Judge: Alice Quinn

There is no word for the place between the dying hand and the living hand that holds it, but there is a space between those hands. Spoke & Dark dwells there, in the tensions that inhere between one thing & another: lost & found, future & past, life & afterlife. Using typographical symbols (#, /, and especially &) to delineate these phantom spaces, Spoke & Dark explores the wild fluctuations in the nature of the known, searching for a language for the unknowable.

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AROHO is a hugely important resource for women writers, and I was immensely grateful and honored that Spoke & Dark was brought into the light through its generosity. I’m proud to be a part of AROHO!

Carolyn Guinzio


Author: A Room of Her Own

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