Space by Lisa Rosenberg


“Space” by Lisa Rosenberg


My father brought home
the blue-jacketed,
views of the surface
of the moon. Parsed,
printed, and bearing
the crosshairs of our optics
on mottled fields
where illusion made
bubbles of craters
as we watched; my small
body tracking
toward a moon-cycle
still years away. Toward
wings I would seek
to merit, and a paper
to confirm my degree
in postulating the deep
workings of a universe
but not the world
who sings to us first, before
the logic of reason.
Before speech. Equations
forged in the engines
of memory. Hot interiors
of moments that meld
thought to muscle,
and words to thought.



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Lisa Rosenberg’s Artist Statement: Lisa Rosenberg holds degrees in Physics and Creative Writing, and received a Wallace Stegner Fellowship in Poetry from Stanford University. She worked for many years in physics and engineering, founded an independent technology marketing practice and a design consulting studio, and was active in aviation as a private pilot. Currently a homeschooling parent, her writing has appeared in poetry anthologies, and venues as diverse as The Threepenny Review, POETRY, Witness, Shenandoah, and Semiconductor International.


Author: A Room of Her Own

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