Rio de Sangre by Kate Gale

Rio de SangreIn a story conceived by Los Angeles author and librettist Kate Gale and featuring a vibrant score by Emmy-award winning composer Don Davis, Rio de Sangre depicts love in the midst of war and political turmoil in the face of idealism. The opera has been performed at the New York City Opera and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

In our writing lives, there are many people who want something from us. Kids who want sandwiches, husbands who want petting, dogs that want petting, other writers who want readers. The dishwater, the email, our boss, the lamppost leaning to the right in the front yard. All of these things require our immediate attention. No one else can do it but me. When I fist came to AROHO, to the Retreat, I thought of myself as someone who made books happen for others and wrote little stories for myself. In fact, my life seemed like a little story that I was mostly ignoring. I walked into a big story. A big adventure. A big risk. I do trust women. Nearly all of my friends are women, but this group is a group of creative intellectuals who are flying. I felt like a Canadian goose, I looked to the left, I looked to the right. Our wing tips were almost touching. We were flying alright. We were flying north.
–Kate Gale, Ph.D., past AROHO Board member and managing editor of Red Hen Press

Author: A Room of Her Own

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