redemption by Valerie Forde-Galvin


“redemption,” by Valerie Forde-Galvin


goddess mother left us long ago
her waters broke and we were thrust
into a different world
parched and dry
and so we sought another god
conceived entirely by the mind of man
to rule the sky


we see now this god that we created
ravaging the earth
bringing her to destruction
this time not by water but by fire
and though we send up prayers
offering our sincere petitions
he is unmoved
by our acts of contrition


yet we are redeemed
in every flower blooming in the desert
where water flows from underground
as we recall
an age before the flood
casting off religion once and for all
our senses celebrate creation
ancient rhythms stir the blood
inviting us to dance
and this may be our one last chance




Valerie Forde-Galvin shares her artist statement,“Through my poetry, I am in touch with the mystery – this devastatingly beautiful and incomprehensible mystery. It doesn’t matter whether you call this universal consciousness or the god within. When I am in this space, all is well and we are one.”

Author: A Room of Her Own

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