Raising Wrecker by Summer Wood

Raising Wrecker Summer WoodSet amid the giant trees of Northern California, Raising Wrecker by 4th Gift of Freedom Winner, Summer Wood, is the story of nearly-broken boy who unexpectedly finds a family. Called “a big-hearted, big-loving, compassionate book” by Pam Houston, “a rare treat” by the Denver Post, and “an unforgettable novel” by New Mexico Magazine, Raising Wrecker charts two decades of an unconventional family, celebrating the highs and lows, joys and pains of real and ragged love. Winner of the 2012 WILLA Award for Contemporary Fiction, a Book-of-the-Month Club Selection, a BookBrowse Editor’s Choice, and a UK Bookseller’s Choice.


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Thanks to the support extended through the Gift of Freedom, I was at long last able to complete my second novel, Raising Wrecker. I’m everlastingly grateful for AROHO’s crucial help in bringing that book into the world, and for their sustained enthusiasm as it was reissued in the UK and in trade paperback in the US. Just as amazing has been the chance to connect with the group of visionary, powerful, accomplished women who make up this organization. Not just the movers and shakers who got it started and work to keep it rolling, brilliant and inspired though they are–but the countless women across the country who have participated in some way in A Room of Her Own Foundation and have contributed their own voices and creative energy to the mix. The generosity of spirit, the serious commitment to the work the dedication to connecting with others, the strength and fire that these women bring to their writing continues to inspire me, and the friendships I’ve developed thanks to AROHO challenge and inform my work in a lasting way. AROHO is an astonishing creation, ever-evolving, reflecting and responding to the needs and strengths of the women who become involved. I’m honored to be a part of it.
—4th Gift of Freedom Winner, Summer Wood

Author: A Room of Her Own

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