Palace of Pages

In lean times, we find our sustenance. Feast on “bread and roses” from women in your community who are sharing their creative origin stories.

Our resilient pageant continues: in a climate where many art programs are cutting back and communities worldwide are thinking more deeply about how to better take care of each other, we are sustaining open-access submissions this year for any woman who would like to share her story, her creative work, her room of her own. Women’s voices will be supported; Waves continue to build. As always, find your own invitation to submit in the side bar and consider giving $20 in honor of 20 years of advocacy and, together, we build us “a palace of pages.”




Lazarus Nazario, “Rose Cottage,” an origin story

I aim to catch the viewer off guard; have them rethink what they see. Through paintings & drawings I confront individual, political, and collective disconnection. – Lazarus Nazario






Ava Garfinkel, an origin story

“Ginsberg and Dickinson Told Me Who I’d Be”

I breathed in words like bread baking,
I built us a palace of pages,
I grew impatient with my own mind.
This was the life I once chose,
This is the world I ran from.
This feels like the person I am.
He told me I’d be angry
He taught me to be bold,
He made me face my worst fears.
She holds me when I’m alone.
She whispers secrets of beauty
She pushes me toward the world.
They cradle me in stanzas,
They wrap me inside prose.
They open up my rundown head,
They stand behind me waiting,
For the next words to reach my page.
I am a 23 year old queer Jewish poet from small town Manitoba. I have an MFA in Art history and am beginning a masters degree in September 2020. I enjoy writing poetry when I’m procrastinating on assignments. I’ve been writing and procrastinating since I was seven years old. – Ava Garfinkel


Author: A Room of Her Own

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