Our Invitation, Our Circle

At the start of 2017, we extended an invitation to you to join our new AROHO circle by reading and signing Our Purpose, and to enter into a shared dialogue with creative women by entering The Q.

“Hold and Release” by Kristi Crutchfield Cox and Kipp Crutchfield. The Wave panel was part of an original installation at the 2015 AROHO Retreat; handprint by Marsha Pincus, added in 2017.


We are heartened that so many of you from around the world have already joined with us in our purpose, and intrigued and touched by the resonant responses of those of you who entered The Q. We are grateful that you are a part of our circle, and as the circle grows to include more women and create ever-widening waves, we will demonstrate together how the heart of our circle is beating.

You are women we know already and women we don’t know yet. You live in New Mexico, New York, California, and Ohio. You live in Australia, India, Thailand, Canada, Montenegro, Ireland and the United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, Israel, and Kenya. Your bold interaction with our invitation to The Q is a gift we can reciprocate by saying “we read every word of your answers and sat with the truth of them.”

As we are committed to listening and building our circle, we’ve stepped away from responding to questions that refer to programs we’re no longer engaged in. Thank you for understanding. We are dreaming bigger and creating thoughtful space and deliberation to do so. Your presence here is everything. 

This is what we’ve learned from your engagement with The Q. You are looking for a circle, for more time or better use of the time you have. You want to create an artistic, joyful habit. You want “freedom” to share your creative gifts “before,” and “even though” other obstacles get in the way. What you’ve been through in your life fuels your progress as an artist. In sum, you are women walking to the edge of something, and we are with you.

By responding to our invitation you’ve shown us that you are part of our responsive movement of women writers and artists. We are joyous to hear your voices and will continue to listen and gather your responses for reflection in digital Waves. We continue to evolve to respond to your truths and gifts further, but until then we invite you to, again:


Sign your name to Our Purpose to receive your invitation to The Q and bi-monthly digital Waves


If our message, our circle, leads you to think of someone, gift it to them now.


Author: A Room of Her Own

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