Olive Branch by Rosalina Scarfuto


“Olive Branch” by Rosalinda Ruiz Scarfuto



The image depicted here is a fusion of contrasts; the softness of lace juxtaposed with the roughness of an olive branch … Together these elements form a bridge across the canvas unbroken in strength and elegance, much like women who have worked side by side in the olive groves over time … I offer here my olive branch … to rub out the roughness in the world with its soothing oil, especially today in times of unrest.



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Rosalinda Ruiz Scarfuto Artist Statement: My art work is deeply rooted in how to re-engage with Mother Nature given the alienation arising between humans themselves, nature, and art partially due to high-tech composed environments. My poetic canvas is inspired through tactile perception and walking; drawing on ancient meditations and the origins of rock artists. This process invites the profound essence of our Mother to settle into my consciousness. Each canvas has a life of its own; whispering HER message to the world with my brushstrokes.

Author: A Room of Her Own

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